SaaS Marketing 101


Technology expert and mobile entrepreneur Hammad Akbar shares his top SaaS marketing tips.

In the world of SaaS (Software as a Service), as a small start-up or larger company, at some point or other you’re inevitably going to run into a few problems.

And when it comes to these problems, for most operating in the SaaS industry, you can be sure a number of these will somehow involve money.

But don’t worry, not all hope is lost. There are ways to combat those dreaded cashflow issues. It’s just about making sure you market yourself properly.

Yes, the market for SaaS is growing, year in, year out. It’s predicted that by 2018, SaaS enterprise applications will be a a $50.8B market.

But, guess what, that doesn’t mean you’re bound to succeed. Building anything successful involves hard work, a good idea and great marketing – particularly when it comes to SaaS.

So sit back, grab and pen and paper and take note of these SaaS marketing tips.

Give stuff away

Now, I know what you’re thinking, giving away your product or service; that doesn’t sound right does it?

But, giving away your work for free can actually lead to some great business.

Working in SaaS, we work in an industry without tangible products. Everything’s thin air. And to make things harder, the more complex a product is, the harder it can be to sell and market. So it’s incredibly important to get your product out there, in people’s hands… Or at least on to their screens.

We want to give businesses and individuals chance to understand our services better, and to encourage user retention. And what better way to do that than giving them the product. At least for a short time.

Sure, we don’t want to give away our ideas and hard work for free. That really wouldn’t work – unless you’re interested in a freemium work model. But we can offer previews and trials to potential customers.

Offering free trials to customers is a great way to market your SaaS product in 2015 and can lead to some great opportunities moving forward.

Don’t skip your descriptions

Working in the digital sphere, we’d be silly not to take advantage of information when it comes to marketing SaaS.

Whilst your product may be accessible at the click of a button or tap of the finger, it’s extremely important as marketeers and entrepreneurs to always give insightful and accessible information about a product.

Some products will be undoubtabley complex, so information and descriptions for SaaS services need to be concise, accurate and easily found.

It’s all well and good producing a brilliant product and service, and building a nice website. But if the customer cannot understand what the product does or how it can help, they’re not likely to support your business.

Market your service not your product

It’s easy. It’s in the name.

Software As A Service.

You’re not just selling software or a product, you’re selling service, first and foremost. So it’s time to start marketing it as one.

With software, support is essential. So when marketing your services, make sure to emphasise the whole package; the software, the support, the resources.

If you offer 24-hour phone support or a quick-fire ticketing system or produce a monthly guide for users, make sure you shout about it. It could help you out in the long run.

Have a presence

Finally, it’s very important in our modern technology-led world to have a presence. But not just a robotic one.

When using social media, talking to clients, responding to queries, writing copy – it’s very important to make sure you come across well. And what better way to do that than to speak to your customers as real human beings.

Easy right?

Well, it should be. But often SaaS providers hide behind their product and fail to engage with existing and potential customers.
Get on the phone, converse, send engaging Tweets, reply to people, and most importantly speak as a person, not as a piece of software.

They’ll notice, I promise.

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