SaaS growth hacks to try today


Technology expert and mobile entrepreneur Hammad Akbar shares his top 5 SaaS growth hacks to try today.

So, growth hacking, what is it?

Well, many have tried to describe and explain what growth hacking is, and many have failed.

In essence growth hacking is a marketing technique to gain exposure – but unlike traditional marketing, you don’t necessarily need a large budget or a tonne of experience. Just good ideas.

Growth hacking is all about thinking outside the box, looking for ways to grow your ideas and business naturally using great techniques.

Need more convincing?

Then why not find out more, in my list of SaaS growth hacks below. Start growth hacking today!

Get referrals

Referrals are an incredibly good way to introduce new customers to your business.

Offering incentives for existing users to market your services is a stroke of genius which has been used by some of world’s most successful SaaS businesses.

You might be able to offer rewards or exclusive offers to longstanding customers who refer a friend.

Vouchers, credit, money off services, more software features – the list is endless. Just make sure your referral offer is enough to bring in new customers.

Remember you’re trying to grow your business.

Give back

Whilst this isn’t always the best route to go down, if you’re a financial-based SaaS business, you could in fact offer customers actual money!

It’s a risky tactic, but one that can pay off.

Businesses such as PayPal saw huge growth with their money back referral rewards.

Simple enough: you get a friend to sign up, and PayPal put a handy $10 in your back pocket, and in turn PayPal welcome a new customer, and all the benefits and profit that come with it.

It’s just important that when putting in place such a risky referral scheme – particularly for start-ups – that you’ve done your research and tested the water.

Modern web users can spot a loop hole anywhere – you don’t want to end up out of pocket.

Gather emails

Emails are still pretty darn important in 2015, and so are mailing lists. So make sure you’re collecting information from your customers and potential users.

Collecting emails from your user base might not seem like a priority, but it can lead to some serious growth.

Implementing sign up forms, across your business on landing pages, advertisements, competitions, pop ups and more can, over time, lead to an impressive source of revenue and growth.

Using a large database of user emails can help to more effectively market your SaaS services or product and can directly affect website traffic, user interaction, sales and growth.

Be free

I spoke about this in my last SaaS blog – about how making your services free can really help your SaaS business or start-up to grow.

Operating a free service can definitely have its downsides, there’s no doubt about that. But things like freemium business models can really help you to expand.

By giving something away for free, you can drastically increase the amount of potential customers you have access to and the amount of buzz around your product or services.

It’s all about conversion. Getting your product out there is great – but it’s all about turning free users into paying customers.

Remember your product is worth something.

Track yourself online

The last of my SaaS growth hack recommendations, involves a bit of user interaction and some good old fashioned elbow grease.

In today’s market, you’d be silly not to take advantage of social media when it comes to growing your business or start-up.

You’re probably already using websites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn – but are you using them properly?

Sure you can push your stuff out, but are you connecting with people? And are you listening to what your users are saying?

Social media isn’t just about posting out content, it’s a great tool for business listening too.

Make sure you’re using sites like Twitter to track your company and products, and use what you find to grow your business.

If someone has Tweeted about how much they like what you’re doing, reach out. Send them a reply and let them know you’re there. It’s all too easy to sit behind a screen and ignore what’s being said or to use automated messaging services.

Be active and quick online and build your reputation. It’ll help you to grow.

So there you have it. 5 easy growth hacking tips for you and your SaaS business. Get stuck in, and let me know how you get on.

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