How To Manage Time Like A Pro And Get More Stuff Done

How To Manage Time Like A Pro And Get More Stuff Done

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I think you’ll agree that we simply don’t have enough of time every day to get it all done.

I, like most people, start off with a massive list of things to do and then realize at the end of the day that I haven’t had half of them done yet.


It’s hard to meet your own expectations and manage time like a ninja. Everyone struggles with it. But everyone is not an aspiring startup entrepreneur.

Startup entrepreneurs are renowned for working through the day and getting things done that would stun mere mortals.

But successful entrepreneurs don’t have special powers, of course. They’re just regular guys with some crazy effective time management tricks and techniques up their sleeve.

And once you crack the code of their time management and productivity secrets, you’ll be blazing through your work like a bullet train.

So, in this post you’ll get a look at how the pros manage their time and how you can tame the clock with amazing productivity and time management results.

Organize it all

Let’s start off with the basics.

You can’t get things done if you have NO IDEA what it is you are meant to be doing in the first place! Get a grip on what you have on your plate first.

Start step-by-step and list down all the things you have to do that day or that week. A simple straightforward list with the most important stuff on top and the least important on the bottom works best to keep things simple.

But that’s not the only way to go through a to-do list. Here’s another one:

Use a priority matrix to figure out what’s important

A priority matrix is also sometimes called ‘The Eisenhower Method’, because Dwight D. Eisenhower was said to have used it while he was President of the United States.

Eisenhower famously took his time seriously and came up with a simple solution to his time management problem. He used the matrix below to figure out his priorities and get things done based on the urgency and importance level of each task.

Handy trick when you’re running the country, I suppose.

Here’s what his method for time management looked 

The Eisenhower Method

So, to avoid getting bogged down, you really want to start with the less urgent but crucially important work first (quadrant 1), after which you can tackle the urgent and important tasks (2) and finally tackle quadrant 3 and 4 in sequence later.

This means you will focus most of your energy on what’s important in the long term and then move onto the rest.

Do the most important stuff first

It should be obvious by now, but here it is again:

Do the most important stuff first and then move onto the rest!

Working your way through everything in your life with this method will do more than just solve productivity and time management issues, it will actually set your priorities straight.

Delegate the unimportant tasks out to someone else to boost your own productivity.

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Be on time, always

None of your planning will work if you don’t do this simple thing:

Be on time.

You need to meet the deadlines you set yourself for it to all make sense. If you have deadlines for a task, stick to it and if you don’t set them up for yourself. A lot of people find deadlines motivating, but there are those who work worse when they have a time limit.

Figure out how you work best and jump onto the next time management technique to help you stay on the clock.

Use the Pomodoro technique

This one is super simple and remarkably effective action plan  for managing the time . The Pomodoro Technique basically involves breaking up your workday into small bits. You work for 25 minutes and then take a 5 minute break, before repeating again.

Does it work? Of course!

Plus there are a lot of apps available, which could be used as an effective time management tool,  for you to slap a simple Pomodoro timer onto your browser or mobile.  

How does it work? Well it lets you have a fixed amount of time with ultra focus. The fact that you are looking at a timer ticking down to the next break is really powerful. Plus, you get more breaks than usual and you get your work done on time. It’s a win-win!

Leave some room for the unexpected

Now, when I say leave room for the unexpected, I don’t mean unexpected cat videos on YouTube or a search for the perfect Game of Thrones gif on 9Gag.

Stop procrastination by following all the time management tips and techniques mentioned at the start of this article.

I mean real emergencies and urgent stuff you simply have to do. And they are often unavoidable.

So, how do you deal with interruptions? Make room for them.

Be flexible and have a plan to work around an unexpected disruption. This means doing things earlier than needed. Start way before you think you need to and plan to finish with a few days to spare till the deadline.

If you have just started a new startup, pay attention to how productive your team is. The best way to get more productivity out of a small team is to hire carefully and only get the best of the best to join your project.

So, just to put all the points together: Organize all that you have to do, use a spreadsheet or to-do list to figure out what is important, do the most important and not urgent stuff first, take frequent breaks to avoid burnout, stick to deadlines, leave some room for the unexpected, and delegate not important and not urgent task.

As an entrepreneur, managing time was the single most frustrating part in the experience of running a startup. It’s a problem you can deal with, just as long as you have the right productivity tools and skills.

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