Burning Desire: The Secret to Succeeding as an Entrepreneur (And How to Find It)

Burning Desire The Secret to Succeeding as an Entrepreneur And How to Find It

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It’s sad to admit, but there seem to be more failing entrepreneurs in the world today than there are the successful ones.

In fact, recent statistics show that about 90% of startups fail within the first few years of operation.

And many reasons for their failure have been documented—lack of funding, disagreement among founders, poor marketing, no customers… you name it.

But here’s what:

Being an entrepreneur, if you can embrace what I’ll be talking about today in this guide, I bet that NONE of those obstacles can stop you or cause your business to fail.

And to go straight to the point…

I’ll be talking about BURNING DESIRE!

I know you might want to argue that some of those startups failed not because the people behind them weren’t passionate or didn’t desire for their business to succeed.

While that may sound correct, here’s the unfeigned truth:


…No matter what obstacle stands on his way.

It’s the ultimate reality.

Napoleon Hill in his book, THINK AND GROW RICH, talked about this. And this guide will be referencing some of those principles Napoleon shared in the book.

Think and Grow Rich


As an entrepreneur who wants to get to the very top, I recommend you not only take this in, but also put it in practice.


It begins with getting to know what burning desire means.

What’s Burning Desire?

Was there ever a time in your life when you wanted something so much that you couldn’t stop thinking about it?

That was desire at work!

In pedantic-talk, desire is simply a sense of longing or wishing for something.


There’s desire, but when your desire translates into a burning desire?

Ah! That’s when you become unstoppable.

Become Unstoppable


To define it, burning desire is when your wish for something turns into a strong, fervent craving to get that thing, backed by determination and persistence.

It’s so strong that it literally drives you to go for it with all you’ve got, even in adverse situations; so fervent that you stay up all night ruminating on it.

You want it so badly that you know with complete certainty that you will never EVER back down but get it.

This continues until it becomes the dominating obsession of your life.

That’s burning desire and it’s the phenomenon we will be talking about today and how to find it as an entrepreneur.

But wait:

What Makes Burning Desire Thick?

You want to be a successful entrepreneur, right?

Yeah, thought so, too.

Now, here’s the thing about success:

All great success is the product of a BURNING DESIRE.

What Makes Burning Desire Thick

Put differently, burning desire is the secret, the key to an entrepreneur’s unlimited success.

If you can capture it in your burning desire, then you’re sure to capture it in real life.

It’s that plain.

Rob McBride of Trans4Mind even puts it:

A burning desire is the best way to achieve our objectives and convert our dreams into reality.

What is Burning Desire


What’s more, burning desire can serve as your driving force when faced with challenges in your entrepreneurial journey…

…and can ultimately get you to overcome all the ineluctable obstacles along the way.

If you want to achieve success and if you want to get to the pinnacle of your industry as an entrepreneur, then you must cultivate a burning desire; you must find your “drive.”

Even when a former governor of California and Hollywood superstar, Arnold Schwarzenegger, was asked during an interview how he managed to achieve success, he replied with a single word, “Drive!”


This is why desire—a burning, fervid desire— matters and why you should cultivate it.

How to Cultivate a Burning Desire?

Is burning desire a special quality reserved for only a privileged few?

Emphatically no.

As a matter of fact, anybody can cultivate a burning desire.

It starts from your mind (as a seed)…

Cultivate Burning Desire

While all good success is a product of burning desire, all great achievement, all earned riches usually start as a seed (an idea) sown in your mind.

It commonly comes as a wish.

First, there must be something you want; something of value to you.

It could be business success. It could be money. It could be more customers.

That’s the idea. That’s the seed sown in your mind.

…Then the seed grows…

Grown Burning Desire

An idea (or a wish) by itself cannot bring you success.

To find success, you have to develop that wish into a burning desire.


You must dare to dream. There are no laws that forbid dreaming big.

You have to make up your mind to get it. You have to crave it and be enthusiastic about it.

Your desire must be DEFINITE.

…And the seed becomes a tree in your mind which cannot easily be uprooted, whether by people or circumstances.

Full Grown Burning Desire

If you REALLY make up your mind to be successful, or to achieve any aim…

…if you REALLY desire a thing to the extent that you are ready to stake your dear life on it, then you’re certainly going to win.

The reason?

If you want something deeply enough, then giving up on it cannot be an option.

You say to yourself, “There is no turning back. It’s either I find a way or I make one.”

That’s the force of burning desire—it energizes you to press on unquenchably, until you come out victorious.

And talking about being unquenchable, how do you keep your desire burning?


How to Keep Your Desire Burning?

Fire (and every other thing that burns) burns to quench.

If you don’t want it to quench, you have to intently make efforts to keep it burning.

It’s the same with desire—not only should you yearn to turn your desire into reality, you should also ensure that it keeps burning. You have to constantly intensify it.

If you don’t, you may soon lose interest in making it a reality.

And to keep your desire burning?

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1. Keep saying it

There is something about using your mouth to proclaim your desire—it not only keeps it burning, but actually helps to bring it into being.

First, proclamation makes your desire to sink into your inner person.

And as it does…

…you become more conscious of it and it burns even stronger in you.

Second, as you say it, your whole being, senses and environment catch the vision and respond to it, which goes to give it reality bit-by-bit.

Third, as you speak, you will find yourself thinking about it, which means your thoughts begin to align with your vision, until it dominates your whole thinking as you keep saying it every day.

Words are powerful. They have the ability to create reality out of nothing.

So, if you were to keep saying what you desire, not only will the desire become stronger in you, it also won’t take long for it to materialize.

SECRET TIP 1: When talking, talk as though you were already in possession of the desired thing.

2. Get inspiring information

To keep your desire burning, you have to continuously feed your mind with the appropriate information.

For example, read materials that can inspire you and support your desire.

Get Inspiring Information


SECRET TIP 2: Success stories of people who achieved same goal as your desire work well for this.

3. Take charge of your environs

Another thing to do to keep your desire burning even stronger is to fill your environs with things that line up with and can inspire your desire.

Let me give you some ideas:

1. Fill your environment with the right pictures. For instance, change your screensaver to a picture that aligns with your desire. Get a wallpaper that does the same.

2. Set reminders in your devices to remind you of the ultimate goal, maybe every day, or week, or month, depending on the set duration of your desired achievement.

3. Type and print your desired goal and paste the same on your wall and on the back of the door to your restroom.

4. Create a sticky note of it in your computer.

5. Surround yourself with the right people.

6. These and more.

SECRET TIP 3: When writing reminders and sticky notes, focus on the ultimate benefits you will get when your desire is materialized. It’ll help inspire you while making room for your desire to burn stronger.

The idea here is to fill yourself and environment with pictures, information, and people that can inspire your desire and vision.

When you do…

…they’ll keep reminding you of your ultimate goal and reason why you do what you do, and your desire will burn stronger while materializing quickly.


While your desire is burning hot, you will need to take definite steps to turn it into reality.

Even though your desire burns strong, if you don’t take steps, it won’t see the light of day.


Follow These Steps to Turn Your Burning Desire Into Reality

STEP #1: Modify your thinking

Success starts from the mind.

How you think can, in a great way, determine whether you will become successful or not.

Modify Your Thinking

If you think negative thoughts (of failure, poverty etc.), those are exactly what you will get.

Conversely, if you think success and prosperity, you can already celebrate because you will surely get those.


Thoughts are things, and when mixed with faith, persistence, determination, and burning desire…

…they transmute into material items.

What you think is what you become.

Here’s how it works:

The dominant thoughts in your mind carry a magnetic force which attracts to you the people, the circumstances, and the materials that even up with those dominant thoughts.


To become the success you desire to become, you must consciously drop the failure consciousness and replace it with SUCCESS CONSCIOUSNESS.

That’s because success comes to those who are success-conscious and vice versa.

This means, even if you had nothing, you can think yourself into wealth, as long as you apply the right principles.

The only limitations that exist are those you set in your minds.

STEP #2: Write it down

The importance of writing down your desire cannot be emphasized enough.

Write It Down

Writing is the bridge that connects things in the mind and reality.

In other words, it’s the beginning of the materialism of thoughts and desires.

And if you have any intention of turning your desire into reality, this is a necessary step to take.

You have to assess your desire, write it down and be determined to stand by that desire until you realize it.

Write the vision and make it plain.

STEP #3: Set definite goals

It’s not enough to desire. If you’re serious about giving your desire tangibility, you have to set DEFINITE goals.

DEFINITENESS OF PURPOSE is very important here.

You have to know what you want, how you want it and why you want it.

Set Definite Goals

In fact, your goal is actually what you’re to write down as discussed in step #2 above.

STEP #4: Eliminate doubts

Next step is to silent every doubt and skepticism.

Allowing them will only do one thing—kill your dream.

The idea is pretty simple:

Destroy your self-doubts first before they destroy your dreams.

Eliminate Doubts

And one thing about doubt is that…

…it’s contagious…

Which means you shouldn’t allow even a drop of it.

Refuse to listen to those who don’t believe in your vision. Refuse to look at adverse circumstances like rejections. Refuse to allow fear in your heart, be it fear of the unknown, fear of failure or of any kind.

Think like a king. Reign. Have faith and the will to win.

Self-doubts make you want to give up, and unfortunately for some, the point where they give up is always very close to the point where they could have gotten results.

So, if it seems you’re not getting results, don’t doubt, but keep going.

STEP #5: Believe in yourself

Believe In Yourself

Your outside self at the point where you start may not look like one who can be successful, but be sure to discover your other self, your inner person, that genius that sleeps within your brain.

With this inner person, you have to be convinced of two things:

1. First, that you can make it even when others don’t think so and reject you; that you can be what you want to be irrespective of the current circumstances.

2. Second, that riches, success, money, fame, honor, recognition and happiness are not beyond your reach but can in fact be yours if you do the right things and apply the right principles.

STEP #6: Create a concrete action plan

Create A Concrete Action Plan


It’ll be useless to desire a thing and not take action to fulfill it.

It’s like lying to yourself.

How to do…

Create a concrete plan with definite action steps for fulfilling your desire, and start at once.

Don’t wait for the right time. Take the “NOW” time and make it right.

Follow the plan DILIGENTLY to achieve your goal.

This is so important because without action, no desire can be brought to fruition.

Bring Desire To Fruition


STEP #7: Set deadlines for your achievements

Apart from setting goals, you must set deadlines for achieving those goals.

Decide exactly when you will like to achieve them.

One thing suggestible here is…

You can set deadlines in tranches to show when you’d like to achieve your goals step by step (not everything at once) while also having a definite deadline for when you’d like to achieve the ultimate goal.

Set Deadlines For Your Achievements


STEP #8: Evaluate your progress

From time to time, you have to assess and review your progress to see where you are, what’s working, what’s not, what strategies need changing, what you need to improve on, whether you need to rethink your direction or not, and so on.

Evaluate Your Progress

This will go a long way to help keep things in check while ensuring that you make significant progress.

Characteristics of Entrepreneurs with Truly Burning Desire

There are certain characteristics that people with burning desire possess.

As an entrepreneur, you must learn to develop these characteristics.

And to help you do this, here are the characteristic so you can learn and develop yours as well:

1. People with burning desire are “opportunity-conscious.” They recognize opportunities and take advantage of the same in line with their desire.

And here, you have to stay alert because opportunities have a way of disguising themselves to look like temporary defeat, or may come clothed in adversity, or may even slip in through the backdoor. But you should not only merely wait for opportunities to come to you, you must learn to create them as well.

2. They persevere. They don’t quit. One of the most common reasons why many fail is the lack of the ability to continue when experiencing temporary defeat. You must not let this happen to you.

3. They’re persistent. That means, they continue in their course of action and adhere to their planned direction insistently, without jumping from one business to another every 3 months.

4. They have the capacity to convert defeats and challenges into opportunities. They know that such experiences are blessings in disguise.

5. They stay on even after rejections upon rejections, because they know that “No” does not always mean no.

6. They’re resolute and are bent on succeeding no matter the impediment. This is called “dogged determination.”

7. They lack fear but are always full of faith.

8. They’re ready to start anywhere, even small.

9. They know what they want. Generally, desire is the ability to know what you want.

10. They keep pushing.

11. They know no such thing as impossibility.

No Such Thing As Impossible


What to Do Next

As an entrepreneur, there’s no limit to how successful you can be.

But how successful you become totally depends on you.

You’re the master of your fate and the captain of your soul because…

…you have the ability to control your thoughts and make them produce what you want. You have the ability to desire a thing and bring it to pass.

But hey…

How much are you willing to give for what you want?

You have to understand that:

There is no such thing as “nothing for something.”

If you want something, you have to give something.

And how much you get depends on how much you give.

Start by giving the thoughts shared in this guide a try.

There ya go!

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