15 Ways To Stop Feeling Being Overworked And Overloaded

15 Ways To Stop Feeling Being Overworked And Overloaded

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Are you just tired of your busy schedule and in a constant state of being “overworked and overloaded”?  If so, there is really no need to worry as this article is going to show you the best ways on how to stop feeling such over-stressed. A proverb from Dominican Republic says, “It’s not the load but the overload that kills”.

The feeling of being loaded with work and occupied schedule is one of the common problems which entrepreneurs normally face.

How to avoid getting into such situation? The technique to be saved you from getting into this state should be known to entrepreneurs for building a successful and managed work routine.

So, here are the tips to eliminate the practice overworking and still get loads of work done.

Here are the 15 ways on how to stop feeling being overworked and overloaded:

1. Wake up and Plan your tasks for the day

Waking up from a good night’s sleep with a fresh mind and re-energized body is the perfect condition to organize the tasks for day. Get a pen and a paper, and list down all the tasks. Start off with the most difficult one and move towards the easiest one across the timeline.

You need to make sure you take breaks between those pre-planned tasks. Your break times should be planned too, so as to make sure you don’t consume your work time. Once organized, take a deep breath and begin your day with a positive mindset. Time management issues would substantially be sorted out this way.

2. Perfection is good but not always necessary

The deadline is up and you are busy perfecting and “ironing out the wrinkles” – delivering on time is always better than not delivering at all or delivering it late. Stop over analyzing or over thinking, cut yourself some slack and tell yourself that you are already giving it your best shot.

Stressing out over minor imperfections can drain you for that next pending task. Doing everything by stressing yourself too much might result in failure in achieving your goals.

3. Your health is your true wealth

You are only as good as your health permits you to be. Your level of performance hinges upon your health. Don’t take up tasks which you cannot handle. Weigh the level of efforts against the stress it will cause you and come up with an alternative efficient way to manage your load.

Emphasize on healthy habits during work. Eat healthy and drink fresh, it’ll re-nourish you and relieve some stress from the workload. Productivity in your work automatically comes out with a good health and soul.

4. Sharing is always good

An unmanaged workload gets greater near the deadline and you cannot then handle it all alone. Let someone share your work load. It is okay to admit that you cannot handle everything and thus need a help. Hire a help or share it with someone.

You’ll immediately feel relieved. Don’t make it a habit though. Always be there for someone, exactly like you would expect them to be there for you. Sharing someone else burden provides as much joy as your own burden being shared by someone. This strategy is considered as one of the best time management technique for improving productivity.

5. Ignore the pessimism

It is easy to get distracted by the negative vibes and pessimism in your work space; however it’ll only affect your productivity. Don’t pay mind to such negativity and throw your head down and be mindful of your work.

There will always be distractions and critics, shrug them off. You’ll feel comfortable at the end of the day having ignored such pessimistic thoughts and approaches.

6. Make time for recreation

“All work and no play, makes Jack a dull boy” – Don’t let the work blues get to you. Make time for your interests and hobbies. Workplace can become quite depressing, it would seem like a confined space beyond which nothing exists, and however there is a world beyond it, where your recreation lies.

Make time and explore your hobbies and interests with a sense of delegation. Not only it gives you a resort from your work routine but it also prepares you mentally to return it. All these things rejuvenate your mind and body and make you feel less stressed.

7. You are important – You don’t need to be told that

You did complete a task with utter perfection and within deadline. We all want praise and applause for what we do best, but there could be the possibility that you won’t get it. And that is totally normal; don’t let someone else’s ignorance dampen your spirit.

Tell yourself that you performed well and you know you deserved it. Pat yourself on the back and pull those socks up and get yourself ready for the next task. Expectations are a good thing but they can prove to be a liability at workspace.

The regret of not coming up to someone’s expectation can make you feel overworked by the end of the day. However, you can be your own best judge and keep motivating yourself for even better result.

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8. Setting goals and objectives:

It is a fact that an entrepreneur cannot make a drift in the career without setting any goal. Having clear goals give entrepreneurs holistic approach of dealing with their schedule. Defining goals leads the entrepreneurs to work with balance and delegation .

This is one of the most effective way to manage your workload and keep track work routine. This will make your path clear and an easier way to achieve your goals.

9. Do the most difficult work first:

The best thing which you can do as an entrepreneur is to first perform the most difficult task of the day first. Completing the most difficult task will make you get going very fine throughout the day.At the end of day, you will feel relieved with all the accomplishments at hand.

10. Getting ready to become proactive:

Removing the unwanted clutter is the first step towards an organized day. An organized entrepreneur believes in three basic principles i.e. efficiency, stress reduction and saving time.

In this way, you will become proactive. Clear up the unwanted things from your work desk, organize yourself for the day and gear up the work fast.

You should also learn to delegate work to other and remove the tedious work of your shoulder and put someone else to perform those task. This will help you focusing on the core task like strategy formulation, optimizing productivity etc.

11. Boost up the energy:

As a matter of fact, every working attribute found in an organization comprises of energy. If you want to see more positive things coming your way you are required to start your day by gaining positive energy.

This will bring more productivity to your daily routine. As a result, you being an entrepreneur or a starter will flourish very quickly and won’t feel being carried with too much work.

12. Add some perfectionism:

Overthinking and overanalyzing are the worst two things which you may have as an entrepreneur. Try to give your best at every place and leave the rest by letting it go.

If you are overthinking on minor things, it is not coming in your perfectionism list rather it is killing your own work energy. So, don’t let these things spoil your goal achievements.

13. Don’t exaggerate and learn to say ‘No’:

Taking into regard that every single thing is important is basically not a right thing to do. For becoming a successful entrepreneur and to know how to stop getting into condition of being overloaded it is necessary that you should be capable enough to say “No” to people around and only say “Yes” to your inner self.

With this you will learn to work with your flow and become more productive.

14. Take a deep breath:

Is your constant working routine making you feel really fearful, tensed and anxious? If so, it is time to take a deep breath. It will make you feel really better and will boost your stamina.

This is good way for releasing frustration which you gain from monotonous work.

15. Get help from someone:

Try not to be so perfect by doing all the work yourself. You should learn to get work out of other people to achieve higher productivity.

Hire some extra help. Share your work with the person you have hired as work partner. In this way, your extra burden will be released and you can avoid the feeling of being overworked.


The productivity hacks explained above can help you become more efficient and more out of less time and effort, and most importantly it will take you out of the state of being overworked and overloaded.

To build a successful startup you should know the escape from the overloaded schedule, so that you can focus on the key issues facing your startup and get rid of work stress.

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